About me

I was born on 17th September 1977 in a small town of West Bengal, India called Kharagpur.  My upbringing and early education was at Jamshedpur, India.  Jamshedpur in known as the Steel City of India where the first Steel Factory was established in 1903.   Very popularly, it’s called Tata Steel.  First my grand father and followed by my father served at Tata Steel for many years.  My educational carrier brought me to Visakhapatnam for higher studies.

Apart from trying to be a technology expert, I love to travel, meet people of different cultures, and be connected to my friends via social and professional networks.  At some point in my career, I would like to see myself as a technology entrepreneur where I can contribute to people’s life with the help of latest cutting edge technology.

A very patience and friendly person.